Smart Retail

Indoor Positioning can be a game changer for retailers helping bring great shopping experience for their customers by offering:

  • Guided in-store navigation
  • Location-based offers
  • Improved facility management
  • Parking assistance
  • Location-based conversation rates and foot traffic measurement


In healthcare, inefficiency could lead to significant productivity losses and could even endanger patient’s life. Real-Time Location Service (RTLS) has become a fundamental infrastructure that enables many essential services, such as:

  • Staff and patient tracking
  • Equipment inventory tracking
  • IoT management

Conventions and Conferences

It is not easy for visitors to find their way around and make the most of their time at a large convention or conference. WiSense helps you know where you are and importantly where your customers and coworkers are increasing productivity:

  • Indoor navigation
  • Find people
  • Find booth


Automated home services like robot vacuum cleaners require fine-grain indoor location to provide

  • Guided navigation
  • Human detection and interaction
  • Low power consumption

Emergency Services

GPS doesn’t work reliably indoors. Emergency appliances equipped with WiTagg technology significantly enhance first responder’s situational awareness and safety with reliable 3D indoor location.

Fire services need to track firefighters when they enter dangerous situations and coordinate emergency response with police and ambulance services, WiSense provides:

  • In situation tracking
  • Cross service location coordination
  • Reduce arrival time

Home Delivery

WiTagg location for delivery drivers helps them find apartments faster

  • Instructions from parking to apartment door
  • Get there superfast
  • Increase productivity


Use the WiTagg platform to create indoor location experiences, track assets, visualise IoT and more

  • Line management
  • Passenger tracking
  • Airport services coordination

Logistics and Warehouse

Logistics and warehousing require a scalable indoor positioning and communication system to monitor staff location and equipment in the warehouse or logistics centre and for the organisation of communication. Local positioning technology needs to provide

  • Analysis of personnel, asset and vehicle movement within the premises
  • Detect bottlenecks and eliminate their consequences; whether it is misuse of duty hours or improper use of equipment

Railway Station

  • WiTagg installed in Beijing Subway Station for Indoor navigation