WiTagg is one of the first high-tech companies that adapts big data and cloud computing technology in wireless network management systems.

WiTagg’s products and services have been adopted by hundreds of business customers including smart cities, airports, railway stations, libraries, hotels, hospitals, shops and restaurants. By leveraging its leading technology research, high quality products and flawless service, WiTagg and its partners have built and installed Real Time Location Services (RTLS) around the world. Everyday, millions of people are using Wi-Fi networks developed and managed by WiTagg and its partners.

  • Founded in 2018, Incorporated in California USA.
  • HQ in Silicon Valley, regional offices in Hefei, China.
  • Founders worked previously at sensewhere and Cisco with a combined 40+ years of experience.
  • Enthusiastic in developing wireless location technologies and applications.
  • Focused on wireless sensing, Wi-AI, and IoT