WiTagg’s WiSense technology enables indoor positioning for a variety of services such as public safety, indoor navigation, asset management and social and digital marketing. WiSense’s Indoor Positioning Solution (IPS) offers meter level positioning accuracy to any Wi-Fi based device. Wisense analyzes Wi-Fi baseband and RF data using advanced machine learning and digital signal process algorithms to further bring your Wi-Fi experience to a new level.


WiTagg offers the industry’s first solution to combine RF baseband information with Artificial Intelligence (Wi-AI) to offer blue dot positioning accuracy with only one sensor. With a single WiSense Anchor Access Point (AAP), we can achieve an accuracy of 1 to 3meters (90% CDF) within a 10 to 15meter radius LOS (line of sight) environment.

3D positioning and sub 3-meter NLOS accuracy is achieved by using 2 or more AAPs.

The WiSense AAP has two modes:

1. Access mode that supports both data access and positioning.

2. RTLS mode for positioning only.

Unlike other Wi-Fi based positioning solutions that require site survey, WiTagg is plug-and-play. The system uses machine learning to improve accuracy overtime. WiTagg provides cloud-based API and Mobile SDK for customers to integrate with their own systems or applications.

Key Capabilities:

  • One AAP Positioning: 1 to 3meter accuracy in 15meter radius range
  • Plug and Play installation, no site survey required
  • Scalable Cloud based IoT Management Platform
  • Indoor Map Management System
  • Positioning Mobile SDK with advanced inertial navigation algorithms