WiSense SD for Social Distance Measurement

Social distancing has become extremely important due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Without effective Social distancing, Schools, Stores and Business are unable to reopen their inside spaces. WiSense SD is a Wi-Fi based system that helps School and Store managers effectively monitor the social distancing methods they have implemented thus helping prevent further spread of COVID-19.

WiSense SD can be deployed to detect effective social distancing measures inside buildings. WiSense SD identifies when and where people come in to close proximity of each other. We anonymously count the number of people congregating in any given area along with dwell time at these hotspots. WiSense SD provides Schools and Businesses with dynamic daily statistics and analytics in the form of heat-maps so they can implement preventative measures to help avoid close contact in these spaces

WiSense SD for Schools

WiSense SD for Schools is a Wi-Fi based beacon solution that anomalously monitors device signals (Phone/Tablet/Laptop) in an classroom to determine occupancy level in the form of a heat-map, the system identifies areas where occupancy exceeds the social distance levels set by the school and sends a notification email concerning that classroom or area. We do not track the individual devices we just count the number of devices in any given area at any time. It consists of the following:

  1. Installation of beacon in classroom, hall and multi.
  2. We set the floor plan and add geofence zones for each classroom or area.
  3. The School sets the maximum occupancy limit for each classroom.
  4. The system anonymously monitors the number of devices in each classroom.
  5. The system sends a notification to a designated Social Distance officer in the form of an email or SMS when the maximum occupancy limit is exceeded.

The school can then address any crowding issues.   

It’s that simple…

WiSense SD Heat-Map

Time-Lapse of a Social Distance Heat-Map